What Should a Dehumidifier Be Set At in a Crawl Space?

Dehumidifier Critic / What Should a Dehumidifier Be Set At in a Crawl Space?

An Ideal crawl space must be spotless, without any excess moisture and free of contaminants and allergens that can pollute the air that goes up to your home. If this is not an accurate description of your crawl space, you need to install a the best crawl space dehumidifier to make it clean and safe. So, what should a dehumidifier be set at in a crawl space?

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Mold grows in the crawl space as soon as humidity levels go above 60%. Therefore, you must keep the humidity levels in your crawl space to less than 60%. Ideally, set your dehumidifier close to 50%. After you are done with this setting, notice how long it runs before making any further adjustments.

A reliable dehumidifier turns off automatically when the humidity level in the crawl space goes lower than your setting. As soon as the humidity rises, the device turns on automatically. It maintains a consistent humidity level in your crawl space and helps you avoid wasting energy. If your dehumidifier is always running and does not stop, then there is something amiss.

At times, it is possible that any hidden leaking air is letting humidity fill up your crawl space. Keep in mind that as soon as the outside air enters your crawl space, your dehumidifier has to toil harder than it should have without any opening. This can also cause you to pay a higher electric bill.

When your dehumidifier is working for some time and keeps the humidity level lower than 60%, you can instantly observe an improvement in the crawl space. You will no longer smell any “musty” odor, indicating that the growth of mold has come to a halt. Your household members, especially those with respiratory ailments, will find the air easier to breathe and you can utilize your crawl space better.

You should also keep a track of your dehumidifier in the winter. When the temperature goes lower than 65°F, it could freeze up.

Buying the Best Dehumidifier

If you are going over a dehumidifier for your crawl space, you have to select the one that can control the exact humidity level in your home with utmost ease. Also look into how different dehumidifiers fare when it comes to efficiency.

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