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Best Small Dehumidifier [2018 Reviews]

Maintaining healthy levels of humidity in the house is really important for the numerous reasons, with the most important one being the protection of you and your family from the bacteria that spreads with the excessive amounts of moisture in the air. The solution for this problem is a purchase of the dehumidifier, and there are a lot of these units on the market, coming in all shapes and sizes. But, seeing as the customers often tend to use a dehumidifier to dehumidify only some small areas of the house, buying a smaller model might make much more sense than the purchase of a larger, more expensive model.

We’ve decided to check out the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the most popular small dehumidifiers that are currently on the market. Read on and find out which small model will suit your dehumidifying needs the best!

Top Rated Mini Dehumidifiers

EVA-DRY E-333 – Cheap yet Effective Mini Dehumidifier


The first small dehumidifier we’re going to take a look at is the EVA-DRY E-333, praised by the users for its simplicity and effectiveness. Let’s see if they were right!

Even though it’s so small, the EVA-DRY E-333 is quite efficient. It’s an ideal choice for the small, enclosed spaces, as it can remove some six ounces of excess moisture before it reaches the full capacity. Once it is full, you will have to plug the E-333 into an electrical outlet in the area that’s well-ventilated, so that the dehumidifier can discharge the moisture that it collected, and recharge itself. In our testing, it took some 10 hours for this process to be completed – we think that it should take a lesser amount of time, and we hope to see this corrected in Eva’s next model.

One thing that we really liked here is the ease of use – with no batteries and with simple indicators, the EVA-DRY E-333 couldn’t be more straightforward to use. There are crystals that turn orange when dry and green when wet, and once they’re green, it’s the time to plug the device in so that it can release the moisture. And since it doesn’t use batteries or electricity, this dehumidifier is almost completely silent while working – this is always a big plus in our book. There is also a convenient five-year warranty on the product.

This is surely one of the best small dehumidifiers we’ve ever reviewed – almost entirely silent and truly efficient it presents an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cheap model to collect the excess moisture in small spaces.

As we already mentioned, the only thing that we didn’t like about E-333 is the fact that it takes a long amount of time to recharge itself. We hope to see this corrected in the next revision.

Pro Breeze PB-02-US – Good Choice for small Apartments


This small dehumidifier has a lot of good things going for it – it is very practical, small and portable in size, and even comes with a reasonable price. Let’s take a more detailed look and check out the features that it has:

When it comes to the design, the Pro Breeze PB-02-US looks very straightforward and minimalistic – it combines the typical white color with some blue elements and fits into any house’s decor. Since it’s so small, it is very easy to move it around the house, and you can easily place it in your bathroom, bedroom, or a closet, or wherever else you have excessive moisture, damp, or mold to be removed.

Working with the thermoelectric cooling technology, the Pro-Breeze is highly efficient when it comes to dehumidifying – we were very pleased with the results during our testing period. It works just as advertised, and it has removed exactly 9 ounces of moisture during one day. Since it has a 16 Oz. capacity tank, it can quietly work for two days without the user worrying about it. There is also the convenient automatic shut-off function, as well as the indicator that tells you that the maximum capacity is reached.

The Pro-Breeze PB-02-US is a fantastic choice if you’re an owner of a small apartment, as it can effectively remove the moisture from it while at the same time creating no annoying noise. The reasonable price is another big plus, and we have to give it our big recommendation.

Some users are reporting that their models didn’t collect as much moisture as they expected. Remember, the Pro-Breeze PB-02-US was designed for use in small, enclosed spaces – if you want to remove the damp from a room of a bigger size, you’ll have to look into some larger, more powerful models.

1byone 400ML – Quiet and Super Effective Product


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still get a quiet, effective dehumidifier of a smaller size, the 1byone 400ML might the be the device that you’ve been searching for. Read on and find out if it suits your dehumidifying needs!

Just like many other small dehumidifiers, the 1byone 400ML sports a simplistic look. We liked how they combined the blue color of the removable tank with the standard white look of the unit, and we think that the whole thing looks very sleek. The dehumidifier is working on the Peltier technology principle, which means that it has no compressor or any moving parts – this leads to an almost entirely silent operation, allowing the user to put it on his bedside table and sleep soundly while the unit is working.

It can remove some 60 Oz. of moisture per day, and with the tank being able to store 14 ounces of water, you will be able to use it for two days without worrying about the reservoir getting full. There is also the necessary auto shut-off function and the indicator lights for the tank’s capacity, which only makes the whole operation even easier to handle. We’d also like to mention how lightweight this unit actually is – measuring only 6.65 x 4.92 x 8.46 inches; it can fit into any small or enclosed area.

Compact, lightweight, and cheap, this simple dehumidifier can efficiently remove the excess moisture from any smaller room in no time. It has enough features to make the operation convenient and easy to handle, and we think that purchasing it can’t turn out as a mistake.

Our only complaint is that the plug heated up quicker than we expected, so we’d advise you to be very cautious with it.

LAGUTE Adenium L-A02 – Great Value for the Cost


Next up is Lagute’s Adenium L-A02 mini dehumidifier, which can be purchased in two versions – small and large. We’re going to take a look at the larger model since it can still easily fit into the category of small dehumidifiers.

Both versions of this dehumidifier look pretty good in our opinion – they’re sporting the standard white color, and have a number of small holes for the dehumidification process and some simple, easy to operate controls. The Adenium L-A02 is made from the non-toxic materials, with indicators that are showing the user the current level of moisture present in the air. Since it is working on the renewable silica principle, it’s not using batteries or power, which makes it pretty quiet and allows you to put it in the bedroom.

We were quite pleased with the results during the testing period, but we have to say that we’ve seen better models. This dehumidifier is a good choice if you want to remove damp from very small spaces, otherwise, you should look into larger, more expensive models – this one won’t be of great help when it comes to large bedrooms or bathrooms. The area that these simple units can cover is 300 cubic ft. for the smaller version and 500 cubic ft. for the larger (L-A02) one.

The LAGUTE Adenium L-A02 has a great value for its low cost – you won’t have to give too much money, and you will still be able to get rid of the annoying moisture. Even though it’s not flawless, it is quiet and relatively efficient, and you won’t make a mistake by buying it.

Even though it can certainly do its job, the LAGUTE Adenium L-A02 isn’t a great choice when it comes to larger spaces. Also, the material that it is made of, although non-toxic and safe, doesn’t really look durable.

VonHaus Small Portable Electric Air Dehumidifier


Easy to use and quite efficient, the newest dehumidifier from VonHaus is something we couldn’t wait to put our hands on. Read on find out what we think about its effectiveness and features!

Unlike many other small dehumidifiers that we’ve reviewed, this one comes in black color – it’s nice to see a change, but this probably won’t fit with the rest of your decorations if you plan to put it in the bathroom. The VonHaus Small Portable Dehumidifier can extract 1/4 of a liter of water per day, placing it into a convenient (and removable) water tank whose capacity is 1/2 of a liter. Since the reservoir is transparent, the water level is always visible, and you can easily see when it should be emptied.

There is a good number of additional features here – the unit comes with a handy auto switch-off feature, LED indicator lights, and is very quiet while it’s working. The thing that we really liked here is the presence of the rubber feet, which will prevent possible accidents if you plan to put it on your bedroom table, for example. It is suitable for areas that measure up to 1,100 cubic ft. and is very lightweight and easy to move around the house.

Cheap but functional, the newest dehumidifier from VonHaus is something certainly worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable solution for your problems with moisture in the air. We liked its design and the efficient whisper-quiet performance, and have to give it our recommendation.

When we tried it out in a room with a really high amount of moisture in the air, the unit struggled and produced only a small tablespoon of water in the reservoir. We’d advise you not to use it in the areas that are very damp.

Choosing the Best Small Dehumidifiers- Buyer’s Guide

Small (or, in other words, portable) dehumidifiers are the most popular units for the homes and apartments that have only localized, periodic issues with the excessive moisture in the air. One can get these dehumidifiers on the internet, at the big box hardware stores, and at the big home improvement centers. The goal is choosing one that is effective at reducing the levels of indoor humidity – let’s look at the most important points for choosing one:


Manufacturer’s Reputation

All small models that we have reviewed come from manufacturers that are well-known for their home appliance products, but if you decide to buy a dehumidifier made by some other company, there are some important things that you should look out for. For example, if you’re ordering in on the internet, you should avoid models that have bad or no user reviews or product descriptions that are incomplete or hard to understand. There are a lot of companies who are only interested in profit, having a very bad customer service and trying to scam the customers by selling them faulty products.


The Ease of Use

Most of the modern small dehumidifiers are designed for easy usage, featuring controls that are user-friendly and very easy to operate. You should look for a dehumidifier that has as many of the additional features as possible, as they can come in very handy. Some of these functions would be the water level indicator (to prevent the overflowing of the tank), the capacity indicator (lets you know that it’s time to empty the reservoir), or even a handle that will allow you to easily carry it from one room to another. Rubber feet are also a convenient feature – they can prevent all sorts of accidents.


The Noise Level

Since the bathroom is usually just next to the bedroom, some people have problems with moisture that’s coming out of the bathroom and causing the feeling of the dampness in the bedroom. If you plan to put the dehumidifier in the room where you’re sleeping, the noise level is an important point to consider – if the unit is noisy, you won’t be able to leave it working during the night. Fortunately, many of the smaller models feature different working technology than the bigger units, as they have no moving parts and are thus very silent while they’re turned on. Look for one of those models.


The Price & the Warranty

Fortunately, most of the small dehumidifiers have very reasonable prices, and one can purchase an efficient and reliable model under just $50. They don’t have as many functions as the larger, more expensive models, but they can still help you solve the problem with excessive moisture in a single room. And when it comes to warranty, you should look for models that have at least one year of it, and also don’t forget to take into account what that warranty covers. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Quick Product Overview

All small dehumidifiers that we’ve reviewed come with their sets of advantages and disadvantages, and we’re sure that you’ll find the right device to suit your needs. Take a look at how they compare with each other, and making the ultimate decision will be a lot easier.

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0.5 pints150 sq. ft.41° Check on Amazon
0.3 pints100 sq. ft.50° Check on Amazon
0.3 pints45 sq. ft.41° Check on Amazon
0.5 pints160 sq. ft.30° Check on Amazon

Our Verdict

In our opinion, every house should have a small dehumidifier, as this device can quickly remove the excessive moisture and prevent your home from acquiring mold in the corners. Fortunately, these devices are often very affordable, and all that is left to do is to find the right one and purchase it. We hope that we helped you with that decision – all of the small dehumidifiers that we’ve reviewed are good in their own ways, and you won’t make a big mistake by purchasing any of them. If we had to choose our favorite, that would definitely be the 1byone 400ML – it looks and works great, and deserves our hearty recommendation.

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