Before we even get into details about advantages and disadvantages of these useful home appliances we have to establish some founding facts first. Certain conditions and requirements necessitate the need for using either one of these devices in your living space. Both have the functionality to meet different usage scenarios so before we begin our humidifier vs. dehumidifier comparison let’s explain some of the basics first.

The primary difference is in their functionality.
1. If the surrounding air is excessively humid a dehumidifier removes any excess moisture.
2. If the surrounding air is devoid of adequate moisture a humidifier will add water vapor throughout the room and increase the overall humidity.

Either of these devices features a design that allows them to alter and influence the environmental conditions in homeowner’s living quarters. As you can already guess, they work on the principle of changing humidity levels of air to keep the home area as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Humidifiers vs Dehumidifiers Which One Do I Really Need?

To answer that question, you have to consider your residing area climate and temperature maximums and minimums throughout the year. Different countries and even cities have changing weather which means that you should always get the device for the specific season. The rule is simple – if you experience hot days and feel the dryness of your skin, then humidifier is the device for you. On the other hand, if you live in an area with a significant air moisture levels during the year then a dehumidifier is the ideal choice in such case.

Most times having both of these appliances makes for an excellent balance of keeping your household in the best possible living conditions and also prevents you from experiencing health issues, which is even more important. We humans mostly consist of water molecules and because of this tend to experience discomfort and even severe damage when our surrounding air gets too dry and moisture free. The skin suffers first, and soon respiratory-related issues start to arise. It goes the same for the opposite circumstances when we dwell in too humid spaces.

So, let’s compare the two devices and check out what benefits they have to offer to their users.

Humidifiers Vs Dehumidifiers


The humidifier works by extracting particles of water from the surrounding air and expels concentrated moisture to make the living space less dry and thus optimal for the occupants of the home. You should have it in your home If you tend to suffer from a sore throat and other respiratory issues or dry skin. It will make the hot and dry weather more bearable and comfortable and relieve you of your health problems.

Most models feature warm or cold moisturizing settings which make them ideal for periods when the cold night replaces the hot day. The great thing about them is that you can leave them always on and they require only occasional maintenance that is easy to achieve on your own.


Dehumidifiers remove water from the room and exhaust dry recycled air to lower the overall moisture in a room. It doesn’t eliminate every single trace of water particles – it only reduces the level to more suitable conditions that are comfortable. Staying in too humid areas usually induces numerous health concerns like allergies and lung issues.

Mold thrives in wet environments, and it can easily contaminate living spaces and spread without homeowners ever noticing. It can affect your breathing and cause illness – so if you experience the first signs of this, be sure to visit your doctor and get a dehumidifier as soon as possible. These devices are almost entirely maintenance free which makes dehumidifiers great “set and forget” home appliances.


Personal health must be a top priority for anyone who happens to dwell in areas of the planet where the weather reaches extreme values. It doesn’t matter if you occupy regions where either blazing sun or freezing temperatures dominate the environment – you can balance out your home space and make it more pleasant no matter the outside weather conditions. Most of the time, getting both a humidifier and it’s opposite the dehumidifier is also a must to prevent serious health issues from rearing their ugly heads. We feel that these incredibly innovative and useful devices deserve their place in every home because of their useful functionality and overall quality of life improvement features.