Dehumidifiers are something like a vacuum cleaner for air. They take in moist air and blow dry air back into the room. The moisture stays trapped in the collection tank, and you’ll have to empty it once in a while. We will explain this process in detail below.

The Options

Dehumidifiers work in two different ways. The first one is refrigeration. During this process, the unit cools the air and removes moisture, much like a refrigerator does. The second one is absorption/adsorption. During this process, the unit absorbs the moisture onto a material and then removes it. Here is how everything works.
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This is the complete step by step of the refrigeration process:

1. The machine sucks in warm, moist air through an opening on the side.

2. The air is drawn forward by an electric fan.

3. Once the air is inside, it is passed over freezing cold pipes that circulate the coolant. The liquid is circulated by a pump and a compressor. The air becomes cooler, and the moisture turns into water. The water then drips off the pipes into the collection tank.

4. When the air is free of moisture, it is passed over a heater that warms it up to the original temperature once again.

5. The warm and dry air is then blown back into the room through a grill on the other side of the machine.

6. The excess moisture is collected in a tray you have to empty when needed.

7. A plastic float is added to notify you when the collecting tray needs to be emptied.

8. When the float gets to the maximum level, it trips a switch that shuts the fan down and lights the indicator on the machine, letting you know it needs emptying.


Some dehumidifiers work in a different way. Some absorb the water out of the air with a special water-holding material. Air “mopping” is done either through absorption, when a material absorbs the water from the air, or adsorption, when the water is picked up with the same material from a surface. This principle was developed by James Lock in 1939-1940 and today’s machines work pretty much the same way. Pure Enrichment Premium is a perfect example which is best used for a bathroom of a smaller size.


Step by step process of air dehumidification:

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1. The machine intakes moist air from the room through a duct.

2. The air is pushed past a water-absorbing rotating wheel that removes the humidity.

3. Electric motor powers the fan that draws in air.

4. Moisture-free air is pushed back into the room.

5. Another air duct found below the first one is always kept hot.

6. As the moisture-absorbing wheel rotates, the hot air passes past and dries the moist air.

7. The air is then sucked out of the unit with another fan.

8. The hot, dry air is pushed out a duct on the other side.

The entire process is controlled by a thermostat and humidity sensors so you can make the room as dry and hot as you want. The invention is pretty simple, but it makes a big difference in the quality of life.