We are pleased to announce that FTGuide.org is now part of the Dehumidifier Critic community.

Dehumidifier Critic / FTGuide.org

Created in 2009, FTGuide.org aimed to promote Functional Testing and Design Guides in HVAC. This now will be taken over by the best Dehumidifier Critic’s team.


Among the promotional activities they provide to their online community include “The Functional Testing Guide” (FTG) is a practical tool for designers and commissioning providers to help ensure efficiency and performance. Find test guidance and sample tests for air handlers, chillers, boilers, condensers, and pumping systems, as well as advice on how to achieve integrated operation. The FTG supports these publicly available tests with practical advice on acceptance criteria and common problems.

Our Mission

Both Dehumidifier Critic and FTGuide.org share a central vision to critically evaluate HVAC, dehumidifiers and air purifier products.

This is in contrast to most product reviews which focus on the subjective experience of a particular person. We take a more scientific approach by performing extensive research and testing, then summarizing our results in an objective manner. Our goal is not just to educate consumers about what they are buying but also how their purchase will impact the environment.

Dehumidifier Critic started as a website offering all kinds of information related to dehumidifiers and now has branched out to air purifiers and HVAC. DehumidifierCritic.com, a website aimed at providing unbiased information about air quality and climate change in North America, such as reviewing the best dehumidifier for basement. However, this new partnership can offer much more.

Dehumidifier Critic and FTGuide.org are joining forces to offer top-quality content that will help people prepare for the following types of in depth articles: