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The mold and the condensation simply love bathrooms! Ok, so what is the best dehumidifier for bathroom?
Long baths and hot showers will quickly make the washroom’s humidity level reach 100%, and at this percentage, the mirrors and windows of your bathroom will be covered with condensation – this will cause the paint to peel and also provide a perfect habitat for the nasty mold to grow everywhere around. And, of course, the humidity that comes from the bathroom will also spread throughout the whole house, and only aggravate any of the already existing damp or moisture issues.

But have no worries – that’s what bathroom dehumidifiers are there for! These machines are the best solution for your damp washroom, removing the excess moisture from the air and saving you and your family from bacteria in a quick and efficient way. Check out our top dehumidifier reviews, and you’ll surely find the right dehumidifier for the wettest room in your household!

Top Rated Bathroom Dehumidifiers

Frigidaire 30-pint – top Dehumidifier with Humidity Control

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Frigidaire is one of the most well-known manufacturers of dehumidifiers, and we’re always pleased to have one of their products in the review. Let’s see what one of their most popular units has to offer:

The first thing to notice about the Frigidaire 30-pint bathroom dehumidifier is the sleek design – sporting a combination of the usual white color of the home appliances with some silver elements, the device looks very sleek and can easily fit into any bathroom. As the name suggests, this unit can collect up to 30 pints of moisture during the duration of a single day, which should be sufficient for a washroom of an average size.

Some of its handy features would include the much-needed automatic shut-off, which turns off the dehumidifier once the tanker is fully filled, the tank alert system that warns the owner that it’s time to empty the water reservoir, and the so-called humidity control, allowing you to control the level of humidity inside the bathroom. We should also mention that the controls are very easy to operate and that we don’t think that anyone will have problems of any kind with them. The machine also bears the Energy Star certification, which means that it reduces the energy usage and thus lowers your utility bills.

This unit works great – it is quiet and allows you to easily remove the bucket and operate the controls, which is more than one could want from a bathroom dehumidifier. It also sports a reasonable price and is definitely something worth considering for purchase.

On the other hand, the device has no water level indicator – you won’t be able to tell when the reservoir is full. It is pretty inconvenient not to know what the exact level is and then judge whether you’d like to empty it or not.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 – Cheap yet Effective bathroom dehumidifier

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When it comes to affordability, rare are the dehumidifiers that could beat this one’s price. And the low cost is not the only good thing about it – let’s check out the other features!

One of the first things to notice about Eva-dry Edv-1100 is certainly its dimensions – measuring only 6.5″ x 5.3″ x 8.5″, this is one of the smallest dehumidifiers we’ve tested so far. This also means that the device is very lightweight and easy to move around, which just might be the thing that you were looking for. The unit falls into the category of the so-called electric dehumidifiers, working on the Peltier technology and using the pump of the same name to generate a cool surface and quickly condense the water that’s present in the air of your bathroom.

It is ideal for use in spaces of small sizes – along with the washroom you can also put Edv-1100 into your kitchen cabinet, storage room, baby room, or a wardrobe. There is also a spill-proof reservoir, as well as the indicator light and the rubber feet that are there to keep the unit stable and prevent the turning. The high-speed brushless motor is very efficient – it dehumidified our test room in no time!

As you can see, the Eva-dry Edv-1100 has a lot of strengths – not only it is affordable and portable, but also offers enough power to keep the levels of humidity inside the bathroom to your liking. The excess moisture isn’t a problem for this little bathroom dehumidifier, and we can do nothing else but recommend it!
Some users are reporting that their Edv-1100 dehumidifiers didn’t last for long – we had no such problems, but we would definitely advise you not to overuse it as it is made of materials that aren’t really durable.

Pure Enrichment Premium – Perfect for Bathrooms

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Just like the Eva-dry Edv-1100, the Pure Enrichment Premium is also among the smallest bathroom dehumidifiers that we had a chance to put our hands on. Let’s see how it fared on our test!
One of the best things about this simple dehumidifier is how quiet it is – it has a whisper-quiet motor, which will allow you to put it in your bedroom when you’re not using it in your bathroom. Quiet motor is always a big plus in our book, and we would definitely recommend you this unit if you’re looking for a quiet dehumidifier above everything else. It’s a good thing that the auto shut-off feature is also present here since the machine is small and could overheat if you’re using it for an extended period of time – when the water tank is full, the whole system will shut down.

When it comes to ease of operation, we think that nothing can beat the Pure Enrichment Premium, since it has a one-button control that will let you easily operate it even during the night. The unit can remove some 10 oz. of water during the duration of one day, which should be quite sufficient for the smaller washrooms. Along with the dehumidifier, you will also get an A/C power adapter and the user manual inside the box.

If you prefer the simplicity and ease of operation, this would be the unit that you were looking for. Compact, lightweight, affordable and efficient, the Pure Enrichment Premium is a perfect solution for a damp bathroom of a smaller size.

Some of the users are reporting that their models didn’t work as they expected them to work – remember, you can’t use this dehumidifier to dry large rooms, as it simply wasn’t designed for such operations.

Pictek Portable Dehumidifier – Impressive Small Unit

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The bathrooms are usually much smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house – and that is precisely why they don’t require dehumidifiers of the big size. But they’re also rooms with the highest moisture levels – is the Pictek Portable Dehumidifer powerful enough to remove all that condensation and keep it dry?

One of the first things to notice about this device is its minimalistic look – there aren’t many things going on here, but the unit still looks interesting enough, and we think that it will easily fit with the rest of your bathroom decorations. When it comes to efficiency, the Pictek can remove up 17 ounces of moisture per day, turning it into water and putting it into its 50 Oz. water reservoir.

Just like many other models of this category, the Pictek also has the necessary auto shut-off feature that will turn off the device when the tank is filled with water. One other thing that we really liked, and that works just as advertised, is the overall quietness of the unit – since it has no moving parts, it produces no annoying noise and allows you to place it inside your bedroom and sleep soundly while it’s working. Due to its small size, you can also put it into other rooms of your house, like the kitchen or the closet.

The Pictek Portable Dehumidifier is almost flawless – even though it’s so small, it is still really impressive and quickly removes the excess moisture from the bathroom. We also liked the quietness of the operation and the ease of portability.

The main thing that we didn’t like here is how hot the power adapter can get after prolonged periods of use. This raises a concern about a fire hazard, and we advise you to never use this dehumidifier for too long.

CRAZO 500ml – Ultra-Quiet Portable Dehumidifier



This dehumidifier features one of the sleekest designs we’ve seen so far – it has a very modern and contemporary look and fits into the decor of any bathroom. But what about its performance?

Even though it’s small, the Crazo 500ml offers a high dehumidification capability for the bathrooms of the smaller size – as the name suggests, the device is equipped with a 500 ml removable water tank and is able to extract some 200ml of water for one day. This might seem low when compared to some other dehumidifiers, but remember that this one is not designed for large spaces – the Crazo 500ml should be enough to cover rooms of some 215 square feet in size.

There are also some interesting features here – like the automatic power-off feature that shuts down the device once the maximum water capacity is reached or the so-called Eco-Friendly Dehumidification feature that eliminates all sorts of bacteria and volatile organic compounds thanks to its cold catalyst filter. Along with the dehumidifier, the user is also getting a handy user manual and a lifetime customer service, which is something that definitely deserves a commendation. Also, we really liked the fact that the Crazo 500ml is really quiet – its noise levels never go over 35 decibels.

There are a lot of good things about this dehumidifier – it is well-designed, portable, and efficient, and a perfect solution for people with small bathrooms. One of its best features is how quiet it is, which means that you’ll also be able to put it in the bedroom.

Even though it falls into the category of affordable bathroom dehumidifiers, we still think that the Crazo 500ml could have been a bit cheaper – the price might repel some people, even though it shouldn’t since it works just as advertised.

Choosing the Top Dehumidifier for Bathroom – Buyer’s Guide

In order to avoid the excessive levels of humidity inside the washroom, one needs to install a dehumidifier. But how to choose the right model? This guide will focus on all the important points you’ll need to consider if you decide to get one of this handy machines and keep the condensation at a reasonable level:


The Size of The Dehumidifier

This is the first thing to take care of – the selection of a bathroom dehumidifier should depend on the space you have available in your bathroom. This room is usually the smallest one in the house, which means that you should get a small dehumidifier so that it doesn’t take too much space. Of course, if the humidity levels inside your bathroom are exceptionally excessive, you can go for one of those larger units – they will remove the unpleasant dampness in no time.


The Power Consumption

In our opinion, one should always look to get dehumidifiers that will save him energy on a yearly basis. When compared with older models, the modern devices are much more efficient in this field, especially the ones bearing the Energy Star certification. One of the most important things to know here is the fact that the smaller dehumidifiers take a lot longer to dehumidify a certain area, even though they take less wattage – this means that they are, actually, using a lot more power.


The Auto Switch-off Function

This auto switch-off function would be one of the most convenient features of the newer models. Once the required level of humidity is obtained, this function will cause the whole device to automatically shut down, and thus save the owner a lot of energy. The models that do not have this function will require you to stay close to them once you’re feeling that the humidity is right, which can be quite annoying on some occasions. We would definitely advise you to look for a model with this handy trait.


The Intuitive Controls and Handy Functions

If the bathroom dehumidifier has electronic controls, you will be able to the easily select the best level of humidity – like dry, normal, and arid. Some models even offer the user to set a certain percentage of moisture level in the air, which is great if you like to be more precise. Also, don’t forget to look for the bathroom dehumidifiers with the auto-restart function (turns the dehumidifier on after the power outage) and the hose connection (removes the need to empty the tank by hand).



Even bathroom dehumidifiers design might seem unimportant, most people like to keep the decor of their bathroom in line – and this line could be easily broken by the introduction of an ugly dehumidifier. Fortunately, there are lots of top models out there that sport the modern, minimalistic look that can easily fit in any bathroom. In our opinion, the best looking dehumidifiers are the ones with white and silver color elements.

BEST dehumidifiers for bathroom –

Quick Comparison

We have tried to cover all features and advantages of the currently most popular bathroom dehumidifiers on the market, and we hope that our reviews will help you with the decision. See how these devices compare with each other and you should be able to find the best one for your needs.

30 pints1.300 sq. ft.41° Check on Amazon
1.3 pints1.100 sq. ft.86° Check on Amazon
2 pints1.400 sq. ft.NIP Check on Amazon
3 pints300 sq. ft.41° Check on Amazon
CRAZO 500ml
0.5 pints215 sq. ft.59° Check on Amazon

Our Verdict

Having the best bathroom dehumidifier is very convenient – you can keep your bathoom dry and you won’t have so much condensation in your bathroom anymore, which will stop the mold from developing and prevent the spread of bacteria around the house. All models that we’ve covered here should be quite sufficient for a bathroom of an average size, but if we had to choose our favorite, that would definitely be the CRAZO 500ml . Not only does it sport one of the sleekest designs we’ve seen so far, but it’s also whisper-quiet and very portable, and will remove the excess moisture with no issues. It has our recommendation!